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Wasps are not good house guests

Their stings can be more than painful

Wasps are the slender black and yellow flying insects that can ruin picnics and BBQs. Why? Because these bugs can sting humans, causing swelling with their venom. For those who are allergic to their venom, these stings can be extremely dangerous - even deadly.

Wasps' territorial behavior makes them dangerous

These stinging insects are territorial and aggressive, which makes them even more hard to deal with. They will defend their nests vigorously if they feel threatened - even if you are simply standing next to it.

They can sting more than once

Unlike honeybees, wasps can sting humans and animals again and again without consequence. And since they typically travel in groups, it's not uncommon to have multiple wasps stinging you multiple times at once which is why it is important to remove any wasps nest on your property.

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Wasps in Dallas and Surrounding Areas

Yellow Jackets

The yellow jacket is a wasp that is easily recognized by its bright yellow color. They are larger than paper wasps, and they usually build their nests underground or in the exposed eaves underneath buildings.
They build their nests underground, in hollow trees, or in other protected locations. Yellow jackets are known for their aggressive, territorial behavior, but they will even sting if unprovoked. They are attracted to sweet food and protein sources like grilled meat, which is why they usually make an appearance during outdoor events with food.

Paper Wasps

The paper wasp is one of the most common wasp species in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They get their name from their nests, which are constructed from paper-like material made from chewed wood fibers mixed with saliva. They typically build these nests in trees, shrubs, and various structures, such as building eaves. Paper wasps are typically about 1 inch in length.

Cicada Killers

Cicada killer wasps are a large and intimidating species of insect. They have red and black bodies with yellow markings on their abdomens. They can be up to 2 inches in length but, despite their intimidating size, cicada killer wasps are not as aggressive and usually will not sting unless provoked.

Thankfully, our wasp experts know what these guys look like and how to get rid of them.

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