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Scorpions are in the same family as spiders

Scorpions — and spiders — are arachnids. They have eight legs and two main body segments, and they are predatory creatures that catch and consume their prey.

Scorpions use their tail to inject venom

Their sharp tails have a poison gland that allows them to rapidly strike and inject vemon into other creatures, including humans!

Baby scorpions are especially dangerous

Adult scorpions can inject a little or a lot of venom with one sting, but baby scorpions don't yet have control over their venom. For that reason, baby scorpion stings tend to have more venom and are more dangerous.

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Scorpions in Dallas and the Surrounding Area

Striped Bark Scorpions

There is only one species of scorpion in Dallas: The Striped Bark Scorpion. It got its name from the dark stripes along the sides of its yellow-brown body. These are usually about 2 3/4 inch in size and can be found indoors and outdoors.
A sting from a Striped Bark Scorpion will not feel good, but it's not typically deadly except for cases of allergic reaction to the venom. These scorpions are quick and agile, and they can hide just about anywhere in your home.

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