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Small bugs with a big bite

Chiggers, alson known as red bugs are harvest mites, are tiny arachnids found in tall grass and weeds. These pests are incredibly small, measuring only about 1/60th of an inch in length. Yet, they can cause itchy bites that lead to skin irritation and discomfort.

Only the larvae bite

Adult chiggers don't bite - it's the larvae or baby chigger that you have to watch out for. The can't fly, which is why you usually find baby chiggers clumped together in large groups on leaves and grass near the ground, typically no more than 1 foots from where they hatched. Chiggers attract to or bite humans or animals as they pass by.

Chiggers are sensitive to the temperature

Chiggers are most active in the afternoons and when ground temperatures reach between 77-86 degress. The infestation will become inactive if the temperature drops 60°F, and the population will die if temperatures fall to the low 40s.

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Chigger Behavior in Dallas and Surrounding Areas

Active in the Summer

Active in the SummerChiggers prefer warm temperatures, so you're much more likely to run into problems with them in the spring and summer months. During some years, they can survive into the fall.
To avoid chigger bites, wear long pants and long sleeves when walking in parks and nature areas like White Rock Lake Park. You can also apply insect repellants.

They live in grassy ares

A wet, overgrown pasture is the chiggers' ideal home. They like to be around water such as lakes or streams, but hidden in the grass. You can find chiggers in berry patches, wooded areas, or even in your own backyard.

They are barely visible to the human eye

Chiggers are incredibly small, so you typically can't see them when they land on your body. Because of their bright red color and tendency to live in groups, it can be easy to spot them altogether — if you're looking for them at least.

Thankfully, our chigger experts in Dallas know how to get rid of them.

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