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What are these creepy crawlers?

Silverfish are older than dinosaurs

These bugs are ancient. They've been around for more than 400 million years! During that time, they've spread out to every continent on Earth except Antarctica.

When they run, it looks like they're swimming

Why are these insects called fish? Well, if you've seen a silverfish scurrying about, you may have noticed that their bodies sway back and forth. This motion resembles swimming, hence their name.

They prefer moist, humid parts of the home

Silverfish need a water source, and they may find it in your bathroom or kitchen. Leaky pipes and water-filled gutters are particularly attractive to silverfish.

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Why Are Silverfish Such a Big Deal Anyway?

These nasty bugs can cause damage to your belongings

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About Silverfish In Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Identifying Silverfish

Wondering if you have silverfish in your home? You can identify them by their tear-shaped bodies and long antennae. They can be silver in color, but they can also be brown or gray.

They are covered in scales — another reason they are likened to fish — and they have three long appendages. They are usually a half-inch in length, but can be up to an inch.

Finding the Entry Points for Silverfish

If you have a silverfish problem, you may be asking how they ended up in your home. Silverfish likely arrived via small cracks or crevices in your home, usually around windows, doors, or in the basement or attic. Finding and sealing these entry points is critical to getting rid of silverfish — and other pests — for good.

Protecting Your Home From Silverfish

As mentioned, closing any small gaps around your home can help keep silverfish out. You can also protect your food and belongings by keeping them in secure, air-tight packaging. Preventative pest treatments sprayed around the exterior of your home can act as a barrier against these pesky pests.

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