Beetle Removal in Dallas, TX

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Beetles aren't good house guests

Beetles can cause skin problems

These insects don't bite or sting, but some beetles do have toxins on their body that can cause itching and rashes if they come into contact with you.

There are several different types of beetles in Dallas

In Dallas, the most common are ground beetles, soldier beetles, black carpet beetles, dung beetles, rove beetles, and june beetles. Ladybugs and fireflies are technically beetles, too, so there are a whole lot of beetles in the area.

Beetles can destroy furniture

Black carpet beetles, for example, can chew holes in clothing, couches, and any other fabric in the home. People often mistake the chewed holes as the sign of a moth problem, but beetles tend to leave bigger holes.

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Why Are Beetles Such a Big Deal Anyway?

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Beetles in Dallas and Surrounding Areas

June Beetles

June Beetles — also called May or July Beetles — don't cause harm to people or homes, but they are a big nuisance. These beetles fly around at night, swarming toward porch lights and interrupting evenings outside.

These bugs can also be damaging to trees, turfgrass, and some vegetable and field crops. They are the most destructive in their grub stage, since they eat plant roots and disrupt the intake of nutrients.

Soldier Beetles

If you have flowers in your yard, you may have seen these colorful soldier beetles. They pollinate flowers and can actually be very helpful for your garden. Still, you may not want a large population of them crawling around or in your home.

Wood-Boring Beetles

There are several types of wood-boring beetles in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The problem with these pests is that they like to dig tunnels through wood — and that could include your home. Just like termites and carpenter ants, some beetles can destroy the structure of your home by chewing through wood. If you have wood-boring beetles in your home, you may notice a discoloration or blistering in the wood.

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