5 Things to Know About Termites with Wings

Nestled in the heart of the Lone Star State, Garland, Texas, is a city with a unique blend of Southern charm and urban appeal. Known for its friendly community, diverse cultural scene, and picturesque neighborhoods, Garland offers a welcoming haven to its residents. However, just like many regions in Texas, Garland is not immune to certain pests that commonly thrive in its warm and humid climate.

In this article, we'll focus on a pest that often raises concern among Garland residents: termites with wings. 

Do Termites Fly?

While some termites can fly, not all of them have this ability. Unlike wasps and mosquitoes, termites are not generally considered flying insects. Only a small group of termites, known as alates or flying termites, have wings and can fly for a short period of time before losing their wings.

A termite colony is divided into different groups called castes, each with its role. There are four castes in a termite colony: the termite king and queen, workers, soldiers, and alates. Among these castes, only the alates have wings and the ability to fly. They are sexually developed and serve as the future kings and queens of new termite colonies in the next season. The flying behavior of termites is referred to as swarming.

When Do Termites with Wings Appear?

Why do termites swarm?

What flying termites look like?

How to get rid of flying termites?

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