5 Essential Tips on How to Keep Rats Out of Your Property in and Around Dallas, Texas​

Keeping rats out of your property is essential for any homeowner. Not only do they carry disease, but they can also cause significant damage to your home or business. Unfortunately, the city of Dallas, Texas, has a large population of rats that have been found living close to residential areas as well as commercial establishments. Here are five tips to help reduce the rat population near Dallas and keep them away from your property.

1. Remove Attractants From Your Property

Rats are attracted to food, water, and shelter sources. Inspect your property for possible attractants such as pet food dishes, bird feeders, fruit trees, and garden areas. Remove fallen fruits or vegetables from the ground and tightly seal the garbage cans.

Keeping these items away from your home will make it less appealing for rats looking for a new place to live or scavenge for food sources, so they’ll move elsewhere instead.

2. Seal Up Any Potential Entry Points To Block Access

Rats can squeeze through incredibly small cracks and holes, so inspect the exterior of your home for any entry points. Pay special attention to vents, doors, windows, pipes, and other potential openings. Seal these areas with steel wool or caulk to block access and keep rats from getting in.

You should also check if there are nearby trees whose branches might touch the roofline, allowing access via climbing onto structures above ground level. By cutting back overhanging tree limbs, eliminates another possible entryway route used often by many kinds of rodents alike.

3. Utilize Traps To Catch Existing Rodents Onsite

A key component of any rodent control program is the use of traps to catch currently onsite rats. While poison and other pesticides can stop rats from entering, utilizing bait stations and traps provides a quick way to apprehend already present rats. In addition, the use of traps presents the unique advantage of knowing specifically where rats have been seen.

Trapped rats should be removed immediately to ensure the best results. This method is ideal for catching lone rats or if evidence shows that you are dealing with an isolated infestation in specific areas. Traps also allow site workers to visually inspect rats for signs of diseases and pest-borne illnesses, adding an extra layer of safety for residents and staff members.

4. Call a Professional Rodent Exterminator Services If Necessary

For larger rodent infestations, a professional rodent / rat exterminator service may be necessary to ensure they cannot return or enter in the future. Professional rodent exclusion services are experts in rats and can efficiently help with their removal and stopping new rats from entering. When rats enter a home, they can become quite a nuisance and cause costly damage.

A professional rodent exclusion service will help protect your property from pest infestation and prevent rats from entering through cracks, vents, holes, and crevices. These trained professionals know exactly what to look for regarding rats and how to protect your property from further invasion. Taking advantage of these services can save you money on restoration projects later by preventing costly damage done by rats.

5. Promote Healthy Hygiene Practices In & Around Your Neighborhood Area

Keeping your neighborhood clean with healthy hygiene practices is essential in preventing rats from making their home there. Poor sanitation within an area can spread rats and, worse yet, the diseases they carry. To prevent this, it’s important to ensure that you dispose the trash in protective bins, that pet waste is properly bagged and disposed of promptly, and that driveways and walkways are free from debris.

Additionally, check your neighborhood for standing water or decaying vegetation, breeding grounds for rats. By taking these steps together as a community to promote healthy hygiene practices, we can help keep rats away while keeping our environment safe and healthy.

Rat Exterminator in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Rats are unwelcome visitors in any home, and the steps outlined above should be taken to ensure they don’t make it into yours. In addition to these measures, consider contacting a professional rodent exclusion service if you suspect a serious infestation on your property.

And remember that prevention is always better than cure—promoting healthy hygiene practices within your neighborhood can help stop rats from ever entering your home in the first place. With these steps in mind, you’ll be sure to keep your property and its inhabitants safe from unwanted rodent intruders.

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