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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a 5-step process for our general pest package. First, we knock down all the spider webs and wasps nests, then we spray the permiter of your home to create a 6-10-foot barrier, then we dust the cracks and crevices, we apply a granular bait to the yard, and finish our service with an optional interior treatment.

This package will cover a wide range of pests including ants, spiders, earwigs, certain roaches, and hundreds of other common household pests. It’s honestly easier to call out what is not included in the general pest program: mosquitoes, rodents and wildlife, termites and other wood-destroying insects, bed bugs, and german roaches.

For those who would like to prevent termite damage to their home, we highly recommend our Termite Monitoring program. Here, we will install numerous bait stations into the ground around your home providing superb protection. You can continue to maintain a warranty on that work with us with annual warranty rennuals.

If you believe you have an active termite infestation, we highly recommend you set up an inspection so one of our termite specialists can come inspect to understand the extent of the damage and whether you still have a termite problem. Pricing for termite treatments cannot be given over the internet or phone – we really need to send out a licensed specialist to take a look.

Once you fill out our pricing page, you will receive an email with a record of your selections and prices. At the same time, our customer service staff will set up your program in our system and schedule your appointment for whatever time you requested. If we can’t make that time work, or have any other questions, we’ll give you a call.

Yes. Bed bugs are tricky to exterminate because of their hatching cycles and the methods used to treat them. We begin every treatment with a thorough inspection and we are so confident in our abilities that our bed bug treatments fall under the Forterra Pest Control Promise which means that if the bugs come back, so will we and of course, it will be free of charge.

We have a range of options to take care of rodents such as mice and rats. If you are looking for coverage on the exterior only of your home, then we can provide bait boxes which we will maintain.

If you would like full coverage for inside and outside your home, we have a Rodent Service package which will include bait boxes for the exterior as well as traps for inside the home.

For situations where there is an active infestation of rodents in a home, we recommend the Rodent Service as well as an inspection for a rodent exclusion. A rodent exclusion is where there are holes and other entry points around the home through which the rodents are entering and exiting. To completely remedy the situation, we oftentimes must seal off those entry points to prevent further rodent activity.

Snake-a-way is a granular product we can apply to your yard that deters snakes from entering an area. The product we use lasts for about 30 days. It does not hurt or damage the snakes but repels them. To be honest, this stuff does not smell very good…but it keeps the snakes away!

Bed bugs are a tricky pest because they typically don't travel on their own. This is because once they find a food source, they stick to it. But that doesn't mean that they can't be in multiple areas such as your living room and bed room. This typically happens when they hitchhike from one room to the next. At Forterra, we want to make sure that your infestation doesn't come back and that means that we need to do an inspection of your entire home to make sure we know exactly where the bed bugs are. Once one of our certified technicians performs an inspection, he or she will highlight the infested areas and talk about a treatment plan. We will only treat the infected areas and the treatment options will depend on where the bugs are. Our main goal is to guarantee the removal of bed bugs without over treating your home so that we can stay green.

Pests such as ants, wasps, spiders, and mosquitoes are more active in summer months but that doesn't mean that they (and other pests) go away in the winter. It's actually quite the opposite as pests seek shelter once the climate starts to change and the temperature drops. Once it is cold enough, the spiders, ants, and even rodents will come in from your yard and seek shelter in your warm, cozy home.

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